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Welcome to Amadas Swimwear, Amadas Swimwear is a local family business and proudly offers high-quality, stylish design in various swimwears that are reasonably priced.  Not only we are dedicated to offering customers superior stylish design swimwear; but we're also passionate about providing customers with a high-quality online shopping experience. 

Our swimwear are made with love, inspired and created by women for women. We have high quality swimwear plus matching swimwear for mothers and daughters...

Highlighting one of the things that amuses more girls , dress like mom; can be with small details or complete looks , awakening in them happiness, smiles, pride and admiration . Dressing the same mother and daughter reinforces the strong bond of love and complicity between the two.

Our designs follow the trend of the season, adapting to the age and silhouette of the women, addressed to them who share a special sensitivity; swimsuits are made with love, inspired by the creative, fun and fresh minds of girls and the explosion of life and color of women expressing love, magic and happiness it feels to be a mother.

Amadas Swimwear invites shoppers to visit the online store to find the latest design swimwear and trends in high-quality swimwear, At Amadas Swimwear we don’t just offer superior quality stylish swimwear, we offer a positive online shopping experience.



We stand out for love; passion and respect in the creation of each of our swimwear, with comfortable, versatile, dynamic and glamorous designs that seek to preserve the bond of purest love and highlight feminine beauty. Not only is quality important but, we’re committed to offering customers a variety of the most up-to-date fashions and styles.



Being a leading company of swimwear recognised nationally and internationally as one of the best and most exclusive to be thought from the bond of love, for its designs of high quality and variety that are always inspired by the desire to highlight the best of the woman.



Love: inspirational creations, where the bond between mother and daughter is highlighted.

Complicity: expressed in designs that highlight the love.

Confidence: all designs feature high quality standards that would like to emphasize the bond of love and feminine beauty. 


ABN: 42 603 925 499